tc-special-roseswirl-260x193 These cakes are designed to be used for informal weddings or special occasions.
They suit smaller groups of 50 or less.They are easy to book too!
Just call us 3 days in advance or visit one of our locations and reserve with a credit card when you place your order.We make these cakes in three sizes.
7″ x approx. 6″h $69. Serves 14-16 persons
9″ x approx. 6″h $89. Serves 24-30 persons
11″ x approx. 6″h $159. Serves 40-50 persons

Pick your favourite True Confections cake:
Devil’s Food Chocolate Raspberry
Chocolate Hazelnut Classic Chocolate
Diplomat Mocha Buttercream
Lemon Layer Cake Dark Chocolate Belgian Mousse- GF
Coconut Cream Hazelnut Chocolate Belgian Mousse-GF
Pick you icing:
White Chocolate Ganache
Italian Meringue
Vanilla Buttercream
Pick your pattern:
Rose Swirl Rustic
Cherry Blossoms* Ruffle
*Choose one colour — Soft Pink, Soft Violet, Soft Blue or White.
Icing Colour:
Soft Pink Soft Blue
Soft Violet White
Pick your board colour;
Silver Gold