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  • $9.50
    Gingerbread sponge with layers of fresh chantilly cream with a caramelized pear garnish
  • $8.95
    Chocolate cheesecake with a ferrero rocher topping
  • $8.75
    A warm toffee sponge cake topped with our brandy toffee sauce. Add ice cream for $2.95
  • $9.00
    Chocolate roulade filled with cherry pie filling and chantilly cream. Served with chocolate sauce
  • $14.50
    Choice of one of our cakes or cheesecake served in a waffle bowl accompanied with fresh cream. Add ice cream for $2.95


  • $4.95
    Egg nog and Espresso
  • $4.95
    Brown butter toffee, espresso and steamed milk
  • $5.95
    Hot chocolate with a marshmallow syrup with whipped cream and toasted marsmallows
  • $8.50
    Warm red wine with infused mulling spices
  • $4.95

15% gratuity charged on groups of 6 or more

Allergy alert! We use nuts in our bakery.