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“There is nothing subtle about the desserts at True Confections. Luridly, frothily made up, they sit behind glass like so many Amsterdam tarts. The cakes are monolithic- the marshmallow crème coated Devil’s Food Cake is the largest I’ve ever seen. The mousse cakes look like igloos. The cream pies are deep and wide. But beneath the frills, frostings and creams are found evidence of real baking.” – Vancouver Magazine July 1989

Quotes from over the years…

“Diet is definitely a four letter word here. Towering, magnificent triumphs of indulgence.” – Discorder, October 1989

“Whether you need a break after shopping…or have to replace a few lost calories after a walk in Stanley Park, this is the perfect place to indulge. A selection of about 60 desserts are offered daily, all mouth-watering originals based on traditional family recipes. The lemon cheesecake here is as close to Heaven as you can get. If it books busy, don’t be discouraged as the wait is never long, and well worth it.” – Key to Vancouver, July 1989 (Where Vancouver)

“True Confections have started something that has about it a weird sort of combination of wholesome homeyness and abandoned decadence, a restaurant where the fare is as close to “home baking” as you’re going to find outside of Mom’s kitchen, available in quantities and frequencies that Mom would never have approved of…. With zillions of terrific recipes contributed by moms and aunts and grandmothers and the nice lady down the block, they have put together a repertoire of made-from-scratch delicacies exhaustive in scope and admirable in quality. I hate to say it in front of hundreds of thousands of people, but I think Mom has met her match. The cakes and tartes and tortes and glommies and gooeys are rich and wonderful and fresh like Sara Lee wouldn’t know from…” – Kevin Dale McKeown, Vancouver Courier, April 1989.

“True Confections sells all the treats mother used to make- at least if mother was in the habit of making gargantuan desserts. Lined up inside a glass case, they are a magnified version of the home-baked goodies you might have found at a high school cake auction.” – Eve Johnson, Vancouver Sun, August 1989

“Sixty fresh desserts daily are showcased and beautifully displayed to make even the most determined dieter drool.” – Where Vancouver May 1991

“Voted -Best Cake Creation-. Voting in this category took into account originality, moistness, texture, success in combining flavours and where appropriate, chocolatey-ness. Top marks went to the Milk Chocolate Hazelnut Cake from True Confections.” – Anne Garber, City Streets, The Province, January 1991


“Specialties: Devil’s Food Cake with marshmallow icing, White Chocolate Raspberry Cheesecake. Own baking. 13 foot refrigerated display case is filled daily with fresh cakes, pies and other desserts.” – Mobil Travel Guide 1991