Diplomat Cake

Layers of vanilla cake, vanilla custard, puff pastry and Vanilla buttercream.

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Diplomat Cake

(44 customer reviews)


Layers of vanilla cake, vanilla custard, puff pastry and Vanilla buttercream.

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Customer Reviews

  1. Anonymous (Verified Customer)

    Beautiful and delicious.

  2. Anonymous (Verified Customer)

    Great cake, mediocre service

  3. Shannon Booth (Verified Customer)

    Cake was ready when I arrived. It was delicious! Very happy with my husband’s birthday cake.

  4. James L. (Verified Customer)

    Delicious Cakes! Prepared on time, Even one hour earlier prepared!

  5. Sungho Choi (Verified Customer)

  6. Merrin Patrick (Verified Customer)

  7. Millie (Verified Customer)

    Very dry and overly sweet

  8. Yu xin Z. (Verified Customer)

    Lovely cake. Taste great.

  9. Ingrid (Verified Customer)

  10. Anonymous (Verified Customer)

    Love it. A little sweet, but will definitely be back for more. Thank you.

  11. Josephine Z. (Verified Customer)

  12. Anonymous (Verified Customer)

    It’s a fine cake. Buttercream was a bit heavier than I expected but still tastes good. The flavour and make of the chocolate on top was slightly odd? I think I would prefer a more solid chocolate.

  13. Anonymous (Verified Customer)

  14. Jonah (Verified Customer)

    This was the first time having this cake and did not dissappoint. Loved the crunchy pastry in the middle.

  15. Anonymous (Verified Customer)

    Always a favorite of ours and the guests we share it with!

  16. James L. (Verified Customer)

    Fantastic Cake! They prepared the Cakes a little earlier than Noon when I Called and asked. Excellent Customer Service!

  17. Bob C. (Verified Customer)

    On time pick up, delicious. Thanks

  18. Xiaoxu Qing (Verified Customer)

  19. Anonymous (Verified Customer)

  20. Anonymous (Verified Customer)

  21. Anonymous (Verified Customer)

    One of the creamiest cakes I have eaten. A crowd pleaser.

  22. Melissa H. (Verified Customer)

    Cake exceeding our expectations with presentation and taste!

  23. Jilly Tiffin (Verified Customer)

    Lots of compliments on the delicious diplomat cake I ordered. Owners were very flexible and helpful to switch locations and pick up at the last minute. Would shop here again for sure.

  24. Anonymous (Verified Customer)

  25. Anonymous (Verified Customer)

    Great cake! A family favorite!

  26. Anonymous (Verified Customer)

    Great Cake!

  27. Harbans Swatch (Verified Customer)

    I have been going to this place since 2012
    Their cakes are amazing Diplomat is my favourite. Customer service is great

  28. Gary Block (Verified Customer)

  29. brenda (Verified Customer)

    The butter icing was lovely ! The 9 inch was enough for 14 people ! I was expecting more sections of the flaky pastry though…. the cake had 1 section in the middle – was hoping for 2-3 sections? but overall – was very good & I will buy again !

  30. Jean McIntosh (Verified Customer)

    Sadly I am unable to give a good review of the Diplomat cake I ordered. The pastry layer was tough, impossible to cut through. I have never ordered this before from you but I have had these cakes from Bon Ton, and Valley Bakery, and I know how they should be, and yours did not make the cut…literally. I can say, the service and delivery were fine.

  31. Eric B. (Verified Customer)

    Cake was delicious

  32. Lisa (Verified Customer)

    This is a good option for a traditional birthday cake for an adult. Lots of leftovers for everyone to take home. The cake is not overly sweet and the puff pastry layers were decently crispy. The cake was ready for pick-up at the designated time and staff was friendly. I think the customized message would look nicer piped in cursive handwriting on the actual cake instead of in block letters on a white plaque.

  33. Verified Buyer (Verified Customer)

  34. Farrah (Verified Customer)

  35. Florence Hue (Verified Customer)

  36. Anonymous (Verified Customer)

    Delicious and fresh

  37. Yu xin (Verified Customer)

    I like this cake very much it is delicious.

  38. Faye (Verified Customer)

    Second time ordering a birthday cake from True Confections. My kids loved the Diplomat Cake!

  39. Jackie H. (Verified Customer)

    This cake was so fresh and delicious, would certainly buy it again!

  40. Bob Frampton (Verified Customer)

    Lovely cake and much lighter than I thought.

  41. Anonymous (Verified Customer)

    This made for a wonderful birthday cake!

  42. Walter or Melanie (Verified Customer)

    Excellent cake ….Big hit at the party

  43. Amora Fudge (Verified Customer)

    Beautiful and delicious. Just perfect. Thank you so much!

  44. Chad (Verified Customer)

    Yummy! We couldn’t get enough

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