Strawberry Short Cake

Light vanilla sponge cake, vanilla bean whipped cream and fresh juicy strawberries, served with fresh strawberry sauce

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Strawberry Short Cake

(44 customer reviews)


Light vanilla sponge cake, vanilla bean whipped cream and fresh juicy strawberries, served with fresh strawberry sauce

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Customer Reviews

  1. Joshua Backun (Verified Customer)

  2. Anonymous (Verified Customer)

  3. Charlene (Verified Customer)

    So delicious! Everyone was blown away! Cake was gone in minutes!

  4. Anonymous (Verified Customer)

    The strawberry shortcake is a classic and the kids loved it.

  5. Harry Leckie (Verified Customer)


  6. Gary (Verified Customer)

  7. Anonymous (Verified Customer)

    It was amazing!

  8. Anonymous (Verified Customer)

    I would order this cake again it was delicious

  9. Anonymous (Verified Customer)

  10. Tomoko (Verified Customer)

    It was very delicious, we all enjoyed it. We will definitely order it again.

  11. Javier Bernal (Verified Customer)

  12. Michael Glenister (Verified Customer)

    My favourite True Confections cake! I’m glad that it is available year round, instead of just in the Spring/Summer. True Confections is my go-to choice for birthday and special occasion cakes.

  13. Laura Malley (Verified Customer)

    I bought the cake for the office and it was received with rave reviews.

  14. Efe (Verified Customer)

    It’s good and delicious, not too sweet for my tasting. This is one of our favourite cake here!

  15. Chelsea A. (Verified Customer)

    We ordered this for my 11 year old daughter’s Birthday, it was so fresh and delicious! A favourite for us!

  16. Lucia (Verified Customer)

    Very nice looking cake and delicious, everyone loved it.

  17. Kari Berry-Davis (Verified Customer)

    I have enjoyed your desserts for years. Thank you for all that you do!!

  18. Florence Hue (Verified Customer)

    delicious! I think even better than the chocolate cake!

  19. Lind Bline (Verified Customer)

    Your front staff was wonderful. BTW, my name is Linda Blaine; don’t know how that happened.

  20. Esther Lai (Verified Customer)

    Great like always

  21. Mary Anne Lim (Verified Customer)

    Soft,moist cake. The sauce was tart with offset some of the sweetness

  22. Sonja Nahanee (Verified Customer)

    Truly a beautiful tasting cake

  23. Anonymous (Verified Customer)

  24. Claire (Verified Customer)

  25. Anonymous (Verified Customer)

  26. Anonymous (Verified Customer)

  27. Moez P. (Verified Customer)

    Amazing cake. It was a hit! Perfect level of sweetness and fresh berries.

  28. Anonymous (Verified Customer)

    Still the best dessert place with the best cakes in town! 5 stars hands down!

  29. christina (Verified Customer)

    It was perfect. Not overly sweet but nonetheless deliciously sinful. We got the biggest one for 10 people. Everyone had 2 pieces. Couldn’t resist.

  30. Anonymous (Verified Customer)

    Delicious and fresh, the whole family enjoyed 🙂

  31. Margaret S. (Verified Customer)

    The cake over all was very good. The sponge cake could be a bit less sweet, the icing was spot on and the amount of strawberries within the cake was good e

  32. Anonymous (Verified Customer)

    Loved the cake! Strawberry sauce was confiscated at airport security.

  33. Marius Schneider (Verified Customer)


  34. Kuldeep Gandhi (Verified Customer)

    It was delicious and fresh. Sugar in the cake was just perfect to go strawberry sauce provided with. Delivery was on time too

  35. Robert (Verified Customer)

    The cake was delicious.

  36. Anonymous (Verified Customer)

    our favourite

  37. Anonymous (Verified Customer)

    We have ordered this cake every year for 29 years for my daughter’s birthday!

  38. Anonymous (Verified Customer)

  39. Alice (Verified Customer)

    I ordered this cake for my daughter’s birthday, and it tasted great. The only thing was, that I asked for extra strawberry sauce, and there was none.

  40. Anonymous (Verified Customer)

    Staff was efficient with order/pick up. Cake was moist and whipping cream was perfect! The strawberry sauce was a nice addition.

  41. Jason H. (Verified Customer)

  42. Anonymous (Verified Customer)

  43. Mina Go (Verified Customer)

    Delicious! Absolute awesome cake house of vancouver! Thanks

  44. Anonymous (Verified Customer)


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