Red Velvet Cake

A southern classic of red layered cakes and finished with our cream cheese icing

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Red Velvet Cake

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A southern classic of red layered cakes and finished with our cream cheese icing

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Customer Reviews

  1. Shyrose Aujla (Verified Customer)

    The cake was absolutely delicious and was enjoyed my everyone in the family. I have ordered from True Confections before and they never disappoint!

  2. Simerjeet Kaur (Verified Customer)


  3. Abrar (Verified Customer)

    It was very delicious, everyone at the birthday party loved it!

  4. Anonymous (Verified Customer)

  5. Anonymous (Verified Customer)

    We come and buy the red velvet slices I kid you not every week and this cake was delicious as always!

  6. Anonymous (Verified Customer)

    Awesome cake 🎂

  7. Sonia B. (Verified Customer)

    Ordered the day before and cake was ready according to instructions. Fabulous taste and gorgeous cake.

  8. Micaela Fernandez Vogel (Verified Customer)

    Super moist and delicious. Totally recommend it.

  9. Anonymous (Verified Customer)

    Red velvet is my absolute favourite. I love the text and flavor. Quite of bit of icing but that’s a personal preference.

  10. Tanya or Ryan Cheung (Verified Customer)

  11. Kelly C. (Verified Customer)

    The BEST red velvet cake I’ve ever tasted!

  12. Carol (Verified Customer)

    The cake was dry and was more like chocolate cake rather than red velvet. Quite disappointing as it wasn’t the usual moist and delicious cake True Confections is known for. Icing was good tho and decorations were lovely with pink touches for the bridal shower.

  13. Julie N. (Verified Customer)

    The perfect cake for my son’s 15th birthday! He and his friends loved it, as did the adults 🙂 Very straight forward ordering online, and the staff were lovely at pick-up. Would purchase again!

  14. Deivis Angeli (Verified Customer)

  15. Anonymous (Verified Customer)

    the cake was so good, but as always, lady at the counter she is never nice, no surprise !! I have seen her many years..always rude. she is born like that maybe ?

  16. Anonymous (Verified Customer)

    The cake was delicious. I will definitely order this again.

  17. Anonymous (Verified Customer)

    The cake was on time delivered. However, I didn’t liked the decoration that much. But, the size was perfect. And the taste on my god . One of the best cakes I ever had in my life. Taste was fireeeee

  18. Hiroshi Arasaki (Verified Customer)

  19. Vince (Verified Customer)

    Overall the cake was good a little bit on the drier side. Cream cheese frosting was perfect not overly sweet.

  20. Anonymous (Verified Customer)

    Amazing! The cake was so moist and the cream cheese icing was perfect!

  21. Stryanna (Verified Customer)

    Very happy with the quality and presentation of the cakes at True Confections. Always fresh and delicious!

  22. Anonymous (Verified Customer)

    Delicious and cream chesse was smooth.

  23. Gordon (Verified Customer)


  24. Alyanna Tuazon (Verified Customer)

    The cake was a huge hit, and everyone loved it!

  25. Krista S. (Verified Customer)

    Moist, rich and delicious.

  26. Anonymous (Verified Customer)

    Best cake ever, your special day will be even more special.

  27. Cassandra (Verified Customer)

    delicious as always!

  28. Anne (Verified Customer)

    The cake looked really pretty and the flavor was great. We really liked that it wasn’t too sweet and that it was packed in a simple cardboard box with no excessive packaging material or plastic.

  29. Susan Shakespeare (Verified Customer)

    Ordering was easy and delivered on time and tasted lovely

  30. Carol C. (Verified Customer)

    Amazing cakes as always!!

  31. Cathy C. (Verified Customer)

    Delicious – just as expected and exactly as pictured

  32. stephanie w. (Verified Customer)

  33. Amy (Verified Customer)

    Ordered the red velvet cake for my sister’s 30th. The frosting was so delicious it was amazing and the cake was moist and fresh. Highly recommend. Great price.

  34. Jessica (Verified Customer)

    A delicious red velvet cake. The cream cheese frosting was fluffy and not too sour or overly sweet. Cake was dense and moist. We loved it.

  35. Anonymous (Verified Customer)

  36. Sunny (Verified Customer)

  37. Anonymous (Verified Customer)

  38. Nonye Nwachukwu (Verified Customer)

    10 10 10 Across the board.

  39. Valeria Castro (Verified Customer)

    Delicious and moist 😍

  40. Anonymous (Verified Customer)

  41. Anonymous (Verified Customer)

    Excellent!! Very Moist

  42. Eliana A. (Verified Customer)

  43. Anonymous (Verified Customer)

    My husband’s favourite, it made a great birthday cake!

  44. David Lee (Verified Customer)

  45. Anonymous (Verified Customer)

    A little bit too sweet, but very nice cake

  46. Anonymous (Verified Customer)

  47. Anonymous (Verified Customer)

  48. Anonymous (Verified Customer)

    Very easy to order. Cake was delicious and the cream cheese frosting was perfect. We loved the white chocolate on top too. Seamless from order to pickup.

  49. Anonymous (Verified Customer)

  50. Hannah (Verified Customer)

    A delicious cake! We’ve had this before in our office and it was just as nice as we remembered. I would definitely recommend.

  51. Anonymous (Verified Customer)

    We used this for our wedding cake. It was delicious

  52. Anonymous (Verified Customer)

  53. Alex M. (Verified Customer)

    I’ve ordered this same cake for my partners birthday each year for the past 3 years and it never disappoints! Can’t recommend True Confections more. This year her sister was in town and so with three of us, I wish I had ordered a slightly bigger size as we finished it within the day.

  54. Claudia Losie (Verified Customer)

  55. Stella (Verified Customer)

  56. Marc Mason (Verified Customer)

    Delicious cake, ready on time, and looked fabulous. Great work!

  57. Verified Buyer (Verified Customer)

  58. Rotika Singh (Verified Customer)

    The cake was delicious.Loved it.

  59. Richard H. (Verified Customer)

    Absolutely Delish!!!!!!

  60. James Krickan (Verified Customer)

  61. Cathy C. (Verified Customer)

  62. Hamzah M. (Verified Customer)

  63. Anonymous (Verified Customer)

  64. Laura Sofia Velasco Juyo (Verified Customer)

  65. Richard H. (Verified Customer)

    Absolutely delish!!! As usual!!!!

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